Someone's getting fired... even more drama!
“All That Kaz”
Season 1, Episode 11
All That Kaz
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March 10, 2014

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The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy

"All That Kaz" is the 11th episode in Season 1 of Mighty Med. It first aired on March 10, 2014.


After Kaz is ranked above him in patient satisfaction, Oliver enlists a mind-altering superhero named NeoCortex to help him become more carefree and spontaneous like Kaz. When the brainwashed Oliver is too reckless during a crisis, Kaz is forced to step up and be the responsible one.


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Kaz: You need to get my Kazitude. Show your Kaz hands.

Oliver: [Gives Kaz a blank look]

Kaz: Be like more me!

Oliver: Oh. Well, being like you will be hard, but I'll give it my Alliver.

Kaz: And you wonder why patients don't like you

Oliver: I'm doctor Walrus Diaz. Who are you and what can you fish?

Skylar: Thanks for being a really bad doctor when I needed one.
Alan: Hey. It's what I do!

Horace: No. You and Kaz tied for tenth. Dr. Levine got first.

Oliver: Wait. Who's Doctor Levine?

Dr. Levine: [Walks through the door]

Horace: She is.

Kaz: Well that makes sense. She can juggle!


  • Skylar caught the normo flu, and it caused her to temporarily regain some of her powers, including flight.
  • Skylar dips her bare feet in chicken soup.
  • It was revealed that Oliver is a huge germaphobe, going as far as to rub hand sanitizer not only on his hands, but on his body and lab coat.
  • This episode has several references to the shows pilot including Oliver pretending to be a turkey just like Kaz, Oliver stating the fine print from the comic book and Kaz yelling skip ahead (In the pilot this is reversed) and Horace repeatedly stating that he loves something (bridges in the pilot, drama in this episode)
  • This is the first episode to have Kaz's name in the title.


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All That Kaz My favorite episode is All That Kaz!


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