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The following is a list of episodes of the Disney XD original series, Mighty Med. Created by Jim Bernstein Andy Schwartz. The show follows Kaz, and his best friend Oliver, as they work at the secret superhero hospital, known as Mighty Med. Lab Rats and Mighty Med had a crossover in Season 2.

Season 1 (2013-14) 

Airdate Order Title Airdate
1 "Saving the People Who Save People" October 7, 2013
Kaz and Oliver discover a doorway leading to top-secret hospital Mighty Med where they realize that all their favorite superhero, sci-fi and fantasy characters are real. There, they meet Skylar Storm, a superhero who recently lost her powers, Horace Diaz, the hospital’s Chief of Staff, and his meddling nephew with telekinesis powers, Alan Diaz. When Kaz’s all-time favorite superhero Tecton is rushed into the hospital, the boys must find a way to save Tecton before his nemesis Megahertz finds him first.
2 "Frighty Med" October 14, 2013
Oliver must follow through with creating a Frankenstein-inspired play when his dad becomes curious about where he goes every day after school. Meanwhile, Kaz and Skylar embark on a mission to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the superhero, Brain Matter.
3 "I, Normo" October 21, 2013
Kaz boldly asks the most popular girl in school to the upcoming school carnival but is rejected, and tries to save face by claiming he already has a girlfriend. Much to Oliver’s chagrin, Kaz invites Skylar to accompany him to the carnival, her first venture into the “normo” world, in hopes of convincing everyone that she is his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Alan Diaz tries to prove his worth to his uncle Horace by attempting to cure Titanio, a superhero with amnesia.


"Sm’oliver’s Travels" October 28, 2013
Oliver uses his burgeoning medical skills at school when he performs CPR on a popular girl’s poodle, which quickly elevates his social status much to Kaz’s chagrin. When the popularity goes to his head, Kaz cuts Oliver down to size, literally, with a shrinking ray. Meanwhile, Horace cannot perform surgery on Citadel, an ailing superhero with an impenetrable metal exoskeleton, so shrunken Oliver is sent inside the hero’s body to diagnose the problem.

Absent: Devan Leos as Alan Diaz

5 "Pranks for Nothing" November 4, 2013
When Kaz and Oliver learn that pranks do not exist in the world of their superhero friend Skylar, they set out to teach her how to prank. When The Great Defender joins in, he takes the pranks too far and wreaks havoc on the hospital. Guest star: Dwight Howard as The Great Defender
6 "It's Not the End of the World" November 11, 2013
When Kaz and Oliver meet Timeline, a superhero who has the ability to see into the future, they discover that villain Crimson Demon and his three brothers have a plan to destroy the world. Oddly enough, because Kaz whizzed through his pop quiz, these three events lead to a portal's opening for the freedom of Crimson Demon's brothers. The three events are: the wise man will become the fool (Kaz whizzing the pop quiz), knight will fall during the day (Oliver falling inside a knight costume), and the chord of dischord will be played (Gus).

Absent: Devan Leos as Alan Diaz

7 "Evil Gus" January 10, 2014
When Gus contracts a strange illness, Oliver and Kaz take him into the Mighty Med hospital for treatment, However the treatment gave Gus formidable powers and turns evil. Kaz and Oliver devise a plan to sneak him into the ER for another treatment, where they must figure out a way to cure their maniacal friend before he destroys everything in the hospital. Meanwhile, Horace pretends to be Skylar's father for her parent-teacher conference but gets overly carried away with the idea.
8 "Alan's Reign of Terror" February 3, 2014
Horace leaves for a medical conference and empowers Alan by putting him in charge of the hospital for a day. Alan instantly abuses his powers making life miserable for everyone, especially Oliver and Skylar.
9 "Lockdown" February 24, 2014
Kaz plans a surprise birthday party for Oliver at The Domain, but there is a security lockdown at Mighty Med just as they attempt to leave. Convinced that it’s a false alarm, Kaz persuades Oliver to sneak out, but accidentally lets in the villain Revengeance. Patton Oswalt (“The King of Queens”) guest stars as Ed, a former villain, who Wallace enlists to help stage an intervention to get Clyde to give up his evil ways.
10 "SoYou Think Can Be A Sidekick" February 10, 2014
Kaz applies to be Tecton’s sidekick, but when Oliver displays an act of heroism, Tecton selects Oliver for the job instead. After Oliver realizes that being Tecton's sidekick turns out to finish his complicated chores, he decided to quit. Due to Oliver's oath, he can only quit by being fired. So Skylar and Kaz helped by creating a story of Oliver being captured by Megahertz. Ironically the real Megahertz actually captured Oliver outside the Domain. Meanwhile, Alan Diaz and Benny decided to form a superhero team of their own.
11 "All That Kaz" March 10, 2014
Oliver enlists a mind-altering superhero named Neocortex to help him become more carefree and spontaneous like Kaz. When the brainwashed Oliver is too reckless during a crisis, Kaz is forced to step up and be the responsible one.
12 "The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy" March 24, 2014
Skyliar introduces Kaz and Oliver to her longtime friend Experion, a cool and charming teenage superhero. But when Oliver catches Experion in an evil act, he must convince Skylar that her bestie is not as nice as he seems.
13 "Atomic Blast From the Past" March 31, 2014
Kaz and Oliver received a device that opened a wormhole, releasing a superhero from the 1950s named Captain Atomic. After Captain Atomic is wounded during a battle with a contemporary villain, the boys must travel back in time to save him to retrieve a treatment to save him.

Absent: Devan Leos as Alan Diaz

14 "Growing Pains" April 7, 2014
Horace Diaz finally cured Brain Matter's negative mutation and gave him aging powers, able to youth-en or age any object. Oliver accidentally steps into the line of fire of a superhero’s beam during a routine test, which reverts his age into a young toddler age. Then later on back at Mighty Med, Brain Matter accidentally reverts him up to his mid 30's and continuously aging him. While Kaz tries to fix Oliver, Alan develops an undesirable and embarrassing power.
15 "Night of the Living Nightmare" April 14,2014
Kaz and Oliver are exhausted and stuck working the overnight shift during a lunar eclipse, when it is rumored that the freakiest patients come to the hospital. When NeoCortex checks in with an illness that unintentionally traps people in their worst nightmares, Kaz and Oliver desperately try to stay awake and figure out how to save everyone from their nightmares.

Absent: Devan Leos as Alan Diaz

16 "Mighty Mad" April 21,2014
Nobody in Logan High School seems to be getting along. After Gus screams 'Fight! Fight! Fight!' because he though Connie was fighting Kaz and Oliver, the substitute teacher Mr. Patterson takes Connie and Kaz outside to do 50 sit ups. Kaz sees Mr. Patterson walking through solid matter to supervise detetion and immediately tells an unbelieving Connie that Mr. Patterson is Dr. Wrath, a supervillian who feeds on negative energy. When Mr. Patterson comes out and asks how many sit ups they did, Kaz does everything he can to get detention to spy on Mr. Patterson. in detention, Kaz makes Connie cause a distraction and searches Mr. Patterson's bag. After the bell rings, Kaz accuses Mr. Patterson of being Dr. Wrath because he found a cloak and a "metal dangerous thingy". Mr. Patterson gets his I.D. stolen from Skylar who reveal Mr. Patterson as a secret agent looking for Dr. Wrath. When Kaz asks who Dr. Wrath is, Stephanie comes in and says that she is Dr. Wrath. She freezes them all, drags Mr. Patterson away and chains up Kaz and Skylar. They have to compliment each other to break free and catch Dr. Wrath in the chemistry lab, where he is about to shoot a ray of negativity to become powerful. Skylar fights Dr. Wrath while Kaz pushes buttons and pulls random wires. the ray launches too much positivity that Dr. Wrath is nice and then turns to ashes. Kaz is sad that Stephanie is gone and Mr. Patterson enters the room and praises them. Gus enters shortly with Stephanie and it is revealed that Dr. Wrath was only shape-shifting as Stephanie, who 'doesn't, like, remember, like, anything'. Kaz says that they are BFGF but Stephanie believes Gus and they leave. Meanwhile Oliver trys to get Alan to try "Normo" food because Alan says that he has heard superhero's turning into elderly Chinese woman so, he gets the help of Mesmera to hypnotize Alan into eating a slice of pizza when he does he likes it but he turns into an elderly Chinese woman shocking Oliver. Then Alan eats Kaz's sandwich and gets a tiny head.
17 "Fantasy League of Superheroes" June 9,2014
Kaz launches a superhero fantasy league at the hospital. The heroes become obsessed with their fantasy stats and only perform saves and defeats that will boost their standings in the league.
18 "Copy Kaz" June 16, 2014
Kaz and Oliver must study for a Mighty Med exam that will allow them to learn deeper secrets of Mighty Med, but if they fail, they will be cubed. Meanwhile, Wallace uses an optical image replicator to turn Clyde into an identical look-alike of Kaz. Clyde successfully follows Oliver into Mighty Med, but when he tries to steal the missing half of the Dyad of Nebulon, Horace senses something is amiss, and sends the guards after him, just as the real Kaz walks back into Mighty Med. Horace catches a Kaz and thanks to Oliver, doesn't cube him, but erases his memory. The guards send out the Kaz, and the other Kaz appears. Oliver realizes that this Kaz is the real Kaz, and the other one was really Clyde (though he doesn't know its Clyde). Horace explains that the other half of the dyad is with a villain named Catastrophe, who upon being defeated split into two humans (Wallace and Clyde). Back at The Domain, Wallace is trying to recall Clyde's memory of Mighty Med, which was successfully wiped. Kaz and Oliver pass their exam, and learn the secrets of Mighty Med. Meanwhile, when Alan comes to Skylar for advice on a girl he likes, she suspects it's her, and tries to dissuade him, only to learn it was a nurse who's also an octopus.
19 "Guitar Superhero" June 23, 2014
When a freak accident suddenly gives edgy rock star Jade super powers, Oliver and Kaz take her under their wings and introduce her to the world of Mighty Med. Turning Jade into a superhero by creating costume design and giving her the name Remix. On the other hand, Skylar thinks that Jade is unworthy to be a superhero because of her lack of experience, so she decided to plan a fake event of a supervillian attacking Jade. Ironically, a real villain showed up and battled Remix. Meanwhile, Jordan and Gus decide to save a frog from dissection.

Absent: Devan Leos as Alan Diaz

20 "Free Wi-Fi" June 30, 2014
Kaz searches for a flash drive, thinking it contains Oliver's study guide for a test, but it turns out to be a digital jail storing a villain named Wi-Fi. When Kaz plugs the drive into his laptop, Wi-Fi enters the physical world and simultaneously pulls Kaz into the computer.
21 "Two Writers Make A Wrong" July 7, 2014
When Horace complains that comic book sales are down, Oliver and Kaz join the writing staff to help spice up the books. However, the boys’ altered versions of the stories cause problems in the superhero community.
22 "Are You Afraid of the Shark?" July 18, 2014
Oliver and Skylar pet sit Horace’s shark that is kept in the aquatic wing of the hospital. When Oliver feeds the shark too much shark-food, the shark evolves into a man-shark.
23 "The Pen is Mighty Med-ier Than the Sword" July 21, 2014
Horace introduces the boys to an all-powerful device that looks like a pen, but can bring any illustration to life. Panic ensues at the hospital when the device goes missing.

Absent: Devan Leos as Alan Diaz

24 "There's a Storm Coming" September 15, 2014
It's been a year since Skylar lost her powers, so Oliver and Kaz decide to throw her a party to celebrate their one-year anniversary of friendship. But when they learn that Skylar is in danger of losing her powers permanently, Oliver and Kaz set out to get them back from the Annihilator. However, in the end the Annihilator turned Skylar evil by modifying her powers.

Season 2 (2014-15)

Airdate Order Title Airdate
25 "How the Mighty Med Have Fallen" October 20, 2014
Events has turn to turmoil when Skylar turned evil and started helping the Annihilator's plot to control every superhero by turning them evil as well. Yet Horace slows them down by resisting to communicate the location of what the Annihilator needs. Oliver and Kaz tries to find a remote to call for back up, however Skylar captures then imprisoned them along with Alan. They then ended up in Megahertz's jail cell and gotten help from him to contact a superhero then escape with Alan's ability. Later, Skylar and the Annihilator were cornered by other superheros attacking them. In the end, Skylar and the Annihilator went back in time to redo their plan without mighty med knowing Skylar is evil. Meanwhile, Gus and Jordan take over the Domain while Titanio tries to call back up by dealing with Gus.
26 "Lair, Lair" October 24, 2014
Skylar is still working for the Annihilator. Oliver and Kaz were trying to help every superhero who needs their powers back. So they decided to infiltrate the Annihilators lair while dealing with Skylar's fake side effects. Oliver requested Skylar's help teleporting them there, then she intentionally send them to space as if it was an accident. As Skylar was in the lab fighting Tecton. Oliver and Kaz showed up noticing that Tecton turned evil from evidence of superhero's color change to white. In the end, every superhero in the hospital got their powers back, however they secretly turned evil from Skylar's actions. Meanwhile, Horace and Alan argue over Alan's urge to go to the Halloween party. Yet Alan proved Horace that he is capable of keeping the hero world a secret at the party.
27 "Mighty Mole" November 3, 2014
Kaz and Oliver think that there's a mole working with the Annihilator. A secret agent is on the case while the boys question Alan, who is their first suspect.

Absent: Augie Isaac as Gus

28 "The Claw Prank Redemption" November 10, 2014
Gus and Jordan execute a prank war on each other while Skylar asks Oliver to attend a school dance with her, but is all as it seems?
29 "Do You Want to Build a Lava Man?" December 1, 2014
Kaz and Oliver travels to Skylar's Home Planet (Caldera) to find Hapax. They try to convince Hapax to come back to Earth and defeat the Annihilator, but he needs to see their bravery first. Horace struggles to keep Alan away from Optimo.
30 "Storm's End" January 5, 2015
Skylar finally realizes her powers are greater than the Annihilator's and decides she no longer wants to take orders from him.
31 "Future Tense" January 12, 2015
A man from the future visits Oliver and Kaz and reveals himself as Kaz twenty-five years from now. Future Kaz warns the boys of an evil villain wreaking havoc on the future. Meanwhile, Alan is happy he is no longer the most hated in Mighty Med.

Absent: Augie Isaac as Gus

32 "Stop Bugging Me" March 4, 2015

Skylar, Oliver, Alan, and Gus leave Mighty Med to work on a school project together which leaves Kaz alone in Mighty Med.Kaz has to take care of Captain Atomic cause he is injured.Oliver puts cameras near where Kaz is and he figures out a dangerous alien bug is near him and if it bites Kaz, Kaz will die.

33 "Less Than Hero" March 11, 2015
In an attempt to recruit new superheroes, Horace orders Kaz to hold superhero tryouts. Meanwhile, Oliver takes Skylar to a dance tournament to try to cheer her up when she’s not allowed to compete in the superhero tryouts.
34 "Oliver Hatches the Eggs" March 25, 2015
Oliver must care for a sack of highly valuable eggs when a pregnant female superhero is wheeled into the ER. Kaz helps Oliver hide his “pregnant” state at school.
35 "Sparks Fly" April 1, 2015
Kaz dates a super hero Sparks but after going on a first date he finds her very over protective. So he doesn't break her heart Kaz makes Oliver pretend that he died but that didn't turn out as well as they thought.

Absent: Devan Leos as Alan Diaz

36 "Wallace and Clyde: A Grand Day Out" April 7, 2015
Oliver is in charge of rehabilitating Wallace and Clyde since he believes they still have good left in them. Meanwhile, Kaz tries to give himself superpowers with Skylar's help. They encounter problems with Phillip's pet camel, and an enlarged cricket.

Absent: Devan Leos as Alan Diaz and Augie Isaac as Gus

37 "The Key to Being a Hero" April 15, 2015
Kaz still really want superpowers. The key keeper is injured and says he doesn't want to be a superhero. Kaz tries to prove himself worthy of the key. Skylar steals the key from Kaz but he soon found out.Kaz wanted to show his powers to Wallace and Clyde but saw Skylar. The Slodder master showed up attacked Skylar and kaz came to fight the Slodder master at the domain.They defeat the slodder master and hud it out. While the hug Skylar tried to sleal the key again but did not get it cause Kaz assumed that she tried to steal the key. Meanwhile, when that whole thing happend Oliver was out to see his mom's new boyfriend. Her boyfriend turned out to be Horace! Horace and Oliver's mom got engaged.

  1. Absent: Augie Isaac as Gus}}
38 "New Kids Are the Docs" July 1, 2015
Gulliver and Chaz get accepted into Mighty Med, which threatens Oliver and Kaz's chances of staying at Mighty Med. Meanwhile, Skylar sets up a hospital suggestion box.
39 "It's a Matter of Principal" July 8, 2015
Jordan thinks that superheroes are real. Kaz and Oliver try to not let her find out about Mighty Med, when Captain Atomic becomes a substitute teacher. Gus finds radiation in the history teacher who is actually Captain Atomic. Captain Atomic gets fired by Principal Howard. Principal Howard kidnaps Jordan because he is part of a secret villain league and actually a robot. Captain Atomic fights Principal Howard, but he knocks out Jordan, who does not remember it later on. Meanwhile, Connie Valentine (Skylar) acts like she is a princess so Stephanie and Gus do not find out that she is really Skylar Storm. They end up in the fight between Captain Atomic and Principal Howard. Gus runs away from the fight. Stephanie hits Principal Howard with a shoe because she thinks he is a rebel trying to kill Connie. Connie tells Stephanie to wait in the schoolyard. Connie knights Stephanie as a Duchess in the schoolyard as long as Stephanie does not tell anybody about Connie's secret while Gus remains as her royal bodyguard.
40 "Living the Dream" July 15, 2015
Oliver gets flung off a board at the school construction site. Oliver later has an unusual dream due to a strange rock he touched at the school construction site. Alan annoys Horace so that he can be his best man at his wedding. Horace asks Skylar to tell Alan that he does not want him to be his best man at his wedding. Skylar tells Alan that he is extremely annoying and relays Horace's message to Alan. Kaz gets kidnapped by two lackeys who pretend to be movie producers, but Kaz is later saved by Oliver and Tecton. Also in the episode, Oliver uses his character's name on A.N.T. Farm, Fletcher Quimby, as his fake name to be featured in an issue of a comic book.
41 "Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med" July 22, 2015
The Bionic heroes, who are Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo, and Kaz, Oliver and Skylar Storm team up to fight the Incapacitator. Adam, Bree, Oliver and Skylar find and later fight the Incapacitator at the replica of the Eiffel tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chase, Leo and Kaz arrive later to help Adam, Bree, Oliver and Skylar fight the Incapacitator. Kaz tricks the Incapacitator to absorb the protonic energy and the hardware virus inside of Chase. After the Incapacitator absorbs the protonic energy and the hardware virus inside of Chase, he explodes and is defeated. Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo say a heartfelt goodbye to Kaz, Oliver and Skylar at Mighty Med hospital. Bree and Skylar get over their crush on Oliver. Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo return home to the Bionic Island.
42 "Thanks for the Memory Drives" August 12, 2015
Following the events of Living the Dream, Kaz and Skylar try to find the memory drive so that they can find out the facts about the school principal, where he came from, and what type of villain he is. Meanwhile, Oliver is trying on outfits for the wedding of Horace and his mother. Later, it's revealed that the leader of the villains is Oliver's mother.
43 "The Dirt on Kaz & Skylar" August 19, 2015
Kaz and Skylar search for the all-powerful Arcturion. Meanwhile, Oliver recruits an unlikely candidate in the form of Megahertz in order to protect him from the minions of Mr. Terror.
44 "The Mother of All Villains" September 9, 2015
Oliver grapples with internal conflict as he walks his mother down the aisle. Meanwhile, Kaz and Skylar struggle to protect the Arcturion from all the villains that it beckons.
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