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Kaz and Oliver throughout the episode.
“Frighty Med”
Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date

October 14, 2013

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Vincent Brown


Eric Dean Seaton

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Saving the People Who Save People


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"Frighty Med" is the 2nd episode in Season 1 of Mighty Med. This episode was a Halloween Special. It first aired on October 14, 2013.


Oliver must follow through with creating a Frankenstein-inspired play when his dad becomes curious about where he goes every day after school. Meanwhile, Kaz and Skylar embark on a mission to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the superhero, Brain Matter.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


Guest Cast

  • Troy Brenna as Brain Matter Monster

Memorable Quotes

Oliver: He thinks the whole superhero thing is a waste of time!

Kaz: Like what he does is so important Rell or ra.

Oliver: He's a brain trauma researcher.
Kaz: Oliver, your backpack stinks!

Oliver: I know. Stop putting your gym shoes in here.

Kaz: Where else am I gonna put them? In my backpack? They stink!
Kaz: Oliver, when you're caught in a lie there's really only one thing to do.

Oliver: Tell the truth?
Kaz: No. Pile an even bigger lie on top of the first lie. Yeah, my brother taught me that.
Oliver: The brother who's in jail?

Kaz: You'll have to be more specific.
Kaz: This is just busy work.
Horace: No it isn't.
Kaz: The title of the list is busy work for Kaz!
Kaz: If you don't tell me what it is I will... start beat boxing right now.
Skylar: He's just crazy enough to do it!
Alan: Hey! A little privacy please?

Horace: Do Not Open the Door of Doom! Oh, by the way were having troubles with the locks so I need you to open all the doors in Mighty Med

Kaz: But what about the door of doom?
Horace: I've said too much!

Kaz: You haven't, actually!


  • This episode is part of Disney XD's Monster Mayhem Monday with new episodes of Kickin It, Lab Rats, and Crash and Bernstein. However Kickin' It and Crash & Bernstein had burps in the episodes but Mighty Med and Lab Rats didn't.
  • In this episode it was revealed that Alan Diaz has very long and disgusting toenails.
  • Horace has freezing/ time stopping abilites, but his powers couldn't freeze Brain Matter when he was pounding on the force field in the recreation room.
  • This is one of the two episodes that was skipped on Disney XD Malaysia during the new series premiere week (February 17 - 21, 2014). The other one is Pranks for Nothing.


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