Now we'll never be able to settle our argument.
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Portrayed by

Augie Isaac and Cozi Zuehlsdorff

Gordan is the frenemy and romantic pairing between Gus and Jordan. Jordan doesn't like Gus that much but Gus seems to like Jordan.

Other Names

  • Jus (J/ordan and G/us)
  • Jos (Jo/rdan and Gu/s)
  • Gurdan (Gu/s and Jo/rdan)


Season 1

Saving the People Who Save People

  • Jordan is annoyed when Kaz and Oliver tells her that Gus is in their group.
  • Jordan says that Gus smells like dead fish.
  • Jordan wants Kaz and Oliver to keep Gus away from her.
  • Gus asks Jordan if she's wearing new shampoo.
  • Gus donates $500 to the project.
  • Gus asks Jordan if she wants to see his bellybutton lint.
  • Gus helps Jordan with the project.
  • Gus brings dead bait for the project.

Frighty Med

  • Gus and Jordan go into The Domain together.
  • Gus thinks that they're having an argument.
  • Gus asks Jordan if he wants to see his umbilical cord.
  • Gus thought that he and Jordan were friends.
  • Gus and Jordan help Oliver do his play.
  • Jordan says that anyone can get dry ice.

Season 2

How the Mighty Med Have Fallen?

  • Jordan and Gus come into the Domain together.
  • Jordan stops Gus after he tries to Irish dance.
  • Jordan claims to be in charge while the owners are gone.
  • Gus agrees to everything she says.
  • Gus says she's good When she says he's thinking.
  • Gus tried to help fix the painting.
  • Gus tried to help Jordan take down the cameras.

The Claw Prank Redemption

  • Gus and Jordan engage in a prank war against each other, but Alan ended up victim to their respective pranks.


Saving the People Who Save People

Gus: This is the worst rowboat I've ever seen!
Jordan: We're not making a rowboat, we are making a ROBOT! ROBOT!

Frighty Med

Gus: This is terrible! Now we'll never be able to settle our argument.
Jordan: Gus, we're not having an argument. You're talking to yourself and I'm listening to a book on tape.


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