Hapax the Elder
4 Hapax ''El Viejo'' Gonzales
Full Name

Hapax Gonzales


Hapax The Elder




Human Mutant

Resides In

Earth (Formerly)


Retired Superhero


The Annihilator


Horace Diaz (son-in-law)
Unnamed daughter-in-law


Unnamed Granddaughter
Alan Diaz(grandson)


Skylar Storm


Neil Gundenhausen (pupil-turned-nemesis)
Skylar Storm(Formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown



First Seen

Do You Want to Build a Lava Man?

Last Seen

The Mother of All Villains

Portrayed By

Devan Leos

Step Aside.
Hapax the Elder to Kaz, The Mother of All Villains

Hapax "The Elder" Gonzales is the one who taught The Annihilator to use his powers.


Like The Annihilator, he too is a mutant human. Possessing similar powers, he took young Neil Gaunhausen under his wing and taught the boy how to use his powers, hoping he would be a great superhero, but his student ended up using his powers for evil becoming the Annihilator, one of the most feared supervillains ever to exist. Feeling guilt for his actions, he quit being a superhero and went into self imposed exile on Caldera, leaving behind his son, Nelson/Optimo.

30 years later, Kaz and Oliver sought his help after The Annihilator turned Skylar Storm and many superheroes evil, knowing that only he can defeat them and turn the superheroes good again. After proving their bravery, Hapax agreed to return to Earth. Just as Hapax was about ready to leave, matters became complicated when his former student and Skylar ambushed his hideout. The Annihilator came to settle a score with his old mentor, who knew someone might try to get his help. Hapax and The Annihilator enter a brief battle but Skylar betrays The Annihilator and decides to take over the universe. Hapax was weaken from his fight with the Annihilator so Oliver had to weaken Skylar with Coal for Hapax to drain her powers. The Annihilator came back but was left wounded and Hapax finished him off releasing his control over the other superheroes. He then teleported Kaz, Oliver, and wounded Skylar back to Mighty Med.  

Later on he made another appearance in the final where Kaz and Skylar went to get him so he can drain Bridget's powers and evilness but they arrived too late. Along with Optimo he was quickly defeated and brought to Mighty Med Hospital where he meets his son and grandson.  


  • Weather Adaptation: Due to his unique mutation, Hapax has gotten used to the extreme temperatures of Caldera, which are usually fatal for normal humans without an atmosphere regulation patch.  
  • Age Reversal: Due to his mutation, Hapax ages backwards, as such despite being 93 he looks like a teenager. However it appears he is still subject to fatigue, regardless of his appearance.
  • Telekinesis: Hapax can summon weapons from a distance
  • Energy Projection: Hapax can project energy, as he engaged in a beam war with The Annihilator.
  • Power Absorption: Like the Annihilator, Hapax can also drain superpowers. He was also able to undo Skylar's time freeze on Kaz and Oliver. He also absorb Skylar's powers turning her good again but he can't separate her evilness.
    • Life Force Absorption: He can also use this to drain another beings life force, as he did to kill the Annihilator and releasing his control over the other superheroes.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport himself and others to any non-adjacent location. However he warns that it can potentially cause parts to be left behind when used on non mutants. He used this to get to Caldera years ago
  • Animal Morphing: Alan was said to have inherited the same power from his grandfather Hapax the Elder.


  • Box of Azamath: the box has an amulet is used to balance coffee tables.


Season 2


  • He looks exactly like Alan. Unlike Alan, he hates sweater vests. It turns out later on it is because he is Alan's grandfather.
  • According to Optimo, he can pillow-fart
  • He may be based on the Wizard Shazam from DC comics (as the Annihilator maybe based on Black Adam).
    • Hapax also shares many similarities with Yoda from Star Wars.
  • He has a granddaughter with a no-good hippy boyfriend, which means Alan has a sister or cousin.
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