I'm so sick of being in this hospital. I'm bouncing off the walls here. Literally...
“I, Normo”
Season 1, Episode 3
Air Date

October 21, 2013

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Clayton Sakoda & Ian Weinreich


Eric Dean Seaton

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"I, Normo" is the 3rd episode in Season 1 of Mighty Med. It first aired on October 21, 2013.


Kaz boldly asks the most popular girl in school to the upcoming school carnival but is rejected, and tries to save face by claiming he already has a girlfriend. Much to Oliver’s chagrin, Kaz invites Skylar to accompany him to the carnival, her first venture into the “Normo” world, in hopes of convincing everyone that she is his girlfriend.  Meanwhile, Alan tries to prove his worth to his uncle Horace, by attempting to cure Titanio, a superhero with amnesia.


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Memorable Quotes

Kaz: Stefanie, this is Connie.
Skylar: Let's be friends.
Oliver: I have to help my friend Connie! Isn't there an emergency exit in here? Or on a separate note a bathroom?

Gus: I'm sure this button will release you.
Oliver: You were sure about the other button and it released swords. You know what who cares just push it.
Gus: [pushes the button]

Oliver: Oh good... I hate magic.
Kaz: I'm sorry about Connie, she's really overprotective and possessive of me. It's all part of the curse.

Stefanie: What curse?

Kaz: Oh, Kaz Curse. Yeah, beautiful girls instantly fall in love with me. I wish they would like me for what's inside, instead of this!
Kaz: (after his plan fails) This is a disaster.
Oliver: No, this is! (Shows an edited clip on his phone of Kaz getting crushed by a meteor.)


  • This episode had the first kiss (cheek kiss) in the show's history.
  • Skylar's alias, Connie Valentine, is introduced in this episode.
  • This is the first time Gus has appeared in an episode without Jordan
  • Titanio's nemisis The Black Falcon has a staff that resembles the Chitauri Scepteor Loki Loufeyson wielded in Marvel's The Avengers.
  • This has both a Skaz 'date' (it was fake) and a Skoliver kiss (cheek).
  • Gus kept producing bunnies out of his leg as a gag.
  • Kaz's type to date is pretty and shallow, according to himself.
  • Alan mentions his mom in this episode.
  • This episode is similar to the Lab Rats episode, Crush, Chop and Burn, where Kaz introduces Skylar to the normo world much like what Leo did with the Lab Rats.
  • The name of the episode is probably inspired from Issac Assimov's book i, robot.


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