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Jordan and Kaz


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Gordan, Skaz

Portrayed by

Cozi Zuehlsdorff and Bradley Steven Perry

Jaz is the friendship between Jordan and Kaz. In Saving the People Who Save People they both work together to build a robot and in Alan's Reign of Terror they hang out in The Domain together.

Other Names

  • Kordan (K/az and J/ordan)
  • Kardan (Ka/z and Jo/rdan)
  • Kazdan (Kaz and Jor/dan)
  • Jordaz (Jord/an and K/az)
  • Joraz (Jor/dan and K/az)
  • Jorkaz (Jor/dan and Kaz)


Season 1

Saving the People Who Save People

  • Kaz (and Oliver) watches Jordan play The Helm of Justice.
  • Kaz values his friendship with Jordan, and doesn't want to hurt her enough to the point where she no longer talks to him.
  • Kaz nods when Jordan said that Gus smells like dead fish.
  • Jordan knows enough about Kaz to tell when he lies.
  • Kaz says that he won't let Gus anywhere near her.
  • Jordan tells Kaz (and only Kaz) to not flake on her.
  • Jordan calls Kaz instead of Oliver to ask where they were.
  • Jordan was upset that Kaz ditched her to get a comic book.
  • Kaz apologizes to Jordan.
  • Kaz places the titanium-cyborg chip in the project.

Frighty Med

  • Jordan teases Kaz about not showering.
  • Kaz saves Jordan from Brain Matter.
  • Kaz looks annoyed when Jordan says that the monster is her type.

Alan's Reign of Terror

  • Jordan watches Kaz play Asteroid Assassin.
  • Kaz thought Jordan was CutiePie15, implying he thinks she's cute.
  • Jordan thinks that the stakes are pretty high.
  • Jordan asks Kaz how he beat the record.
  • Jordan knew that Kaz has 11 siblings.
  • Kaz kisses the old lady on the cheek for Jordan twice.
  • Jordan gives Kaz the therapist's number.
  • Jordan hugs Kaz's shoulders and tells him to calm down.
  • Jordan tries to helps Kaz get back into the zone.
  • Jordan thinks of a plan for Kaz.
  • Kaz was angry that Jordan's plan was to get him and Oliver kicked out of The Domain.
  • Jordan gives Kaz tough love (soft hate).

Season 2

It's a Matter of Principal

  • Kaz promised Jordan to not make fun of her.
  • Kaz told Jordan the Oliver want's to go out with her.
  • Kaz took the radiation detector from Jordan.
  • Jordan said that Kaz is just making a beeping sound with his mouth.
  • Jordan mouthed 'help me' to Kaz on the phone.
  • Kaz (and Oliver) untied Jordan.
  • Kaz told Jordan that he knows it looks odd but there's a perfectly reasonable explanation yet his reason isn't reasonable.
  • Kaz told Jordan to run.
  • Kaz (and Oliver) carried Jordan.


Saving the People Who Save People

Jordan: Did you guys find anything cool?
Kaz: Like what? A hospital for superheroes? No.
Jordan: Do NOT flake on me, Kaz!

Alan's Reign of Terror

Jordan: Those are pretty high stakes. Do ya think you can beat him?

Kaz: No, I stink at this game!
Jordan: Then how'd ya break the record?
Kaz: I don't know, I was just in one of those zones where you could do no wrong. Like the time I remembered all my siblings names - all 10 of them!

Jordan: You have 11.
Jordan: Wow, you are terrible at this. I mean, you even signed in wrong! You spelled your name with a percent sign!

Kaz: I'm just nervous!

Jordan: Okay, okay. (hugs his shoulders) Settle down, K-%-Z.
Jordan: I don't wanna hear any negative talk out of you. That's my thing. So, If anyone's going to tell you you're gonna get crushed like a bug, it's going to be me!

Kaz: Talk about tough love!

Jordan: I like to think of it more as soft hate.


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