Mighty Med List of Superheroes
League of heroes 1

The following list contains all superheroes that were seen or mentioned in Mighty Med.



Possible Superheroes

  • Commodore Chaos
  • Galactic Girl
  • The Immobilizer
  • Jack Dynamite
  • Major Leaguer
  • Master of Mystery
  • Mr. Ultimate
  • Numero Uno
  • Righteous Rain
  • Tactic

Former Superheroes

  • The Crusher - Still on call, but has been retired since marriage.
  • Experion - Went evil at one point, served the Annihilator for some time.
  • Hapax the Elder - Went into exile after his student became The Annihilator. He resides on Caldera, the volcanic world.
  • Skylar Storm - Superhero status revoked since working for The Annihilator.
  • Syphonix

Total Superheroes

So far, there have been 60 superheroes in Mighty Med

They all Work the League of heroes

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