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Mighty Med (Hospital)


Earth, Real Hospital Janitor's Closet, Philadelphia

First Appearance

Saving the People Who Save People

Last Appearance

The Mother of All Villains

Mighty Med was a hospital where superheroes and other costumed heroes are healed from wounds, cured of deadly and unusual viruses, have their powers fixed, etc.


Mighty Med is first seen in Saving the People Who Save People. There is a secret entrance in the human hospital that can be unlocked by using a switch (disguised as the handle of a toilet plunger in a closet) and figuring out a puzzle. Oliver reveals that the puzzle is the Symbol of Caduceo, the legendary healer of superheroes.

While Kaz and Oliver chased after Mr. Terror, Mighty Med was eventually destroyed by shapeshifters. According to Kaz, a good number of superheroes perished.


Known Patients

Known Visitors



Tools and Gadgets


  • Escape Pods: Seen in How the Mighty Med Have Fallen.
  • Invisible Ambulance: Seen in Less Than Hero. It was nicknamed the "boo-boo car" by Kaz. It used to be driven by Fred before he became a superhero. Later, Fred's superhero status was removed and it is possible he became the ambulance driver again. It can fly ten thousand miles per hour, and can go anywhere in the universe, except Delaware for unknown reasons. The keys are not invisible. It can locate injuries in superheroes. The engine is activated by the push of a button. The geo-satellite can be voice-initiated and has an autopilot feature. When the door is opened, it is powerful enough to knock back The Ambusher.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Most of the staff that work at Mighty Med have useless superpowers.
  • Sometimes employees use memory erasers on "Normos" or create cover stories to protect their secret.
  • Even normo superheroes have to go to Mighty Med for treatment, such as Titanio when his armor is in need of repair, or when he suffered amnesia. Same goes with the Dark Warrior, who uses mostly gagetry, but no external enhancements.
  • A portion of the staff are not human, as shown with Lizard Man, Dr. O'Lantern, and an Octopus nurse.
  • Wallace and Clyde were attempting to find Mighty Med and take revenge from Horace Diaz before they turned good.
  • The cafeteria food is really bad.
  • It's located above a graveyard.
  • The new hero Remix was introduced to Mighty Med.
  • Mighty Med has a prison for supervillians called Mighty Max.
  • Mighty Med is hidden in a normal hospital.
  • It's possible that Mighty Med and every other Superhero Facility (such as Mighty Max, the League of Heroes, and the Comic Book Department) are all connected by tunnels or something, since the Comic Book Department seems to be inside of Mighty Med, and Mighty Max is said to be directly beneath it.
  • It's confirmed in "Mighty Mole" that instead of rated with stars, Mighty Med is rated with top hats because Horace Diaz loves tophats.
  • It has many pictures of bridges hung up because Horace Diaz loves bridges, but not Dr. Bridges.
  • Normos apart from Kaz and Oliver who figure out about Mighty Med or enter the hospital, they will be cubed or get their memories erased. However, bionic superhumans are not considered superheroes, but are not considered normos due to their bionic abilities, which spares them of both procedures despite coming from outside the superhero community.  
  • In 1953, the punishment for normos who get caught was to have their arms removed.  
  • Normos is a term called civilians or regular people.
  • Mighty Med was destroyed after The Mother of All Villains.


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