Scarlet Ace is a superhero in Mighty Med.


Scarlet Ace was first mentioned in There's a Storm Coming, when her power canister was seen on The Annihilator's shelf in his lair. After this episode, she was not seen until Mighty Mole.

In Mighty Mole, she was seen on Kaz' whiteboard, mentioned as a superhero turned evil whose powers were in The Annihilator's lair.

She finally appeared in Future Tense, and was first talking to Mesmera, a superhero like her who hated Skylar Storm. She then went to go talk to another unnamed superhero, and started working out. After a doctor replaced Alan's photo on the target wall with Skylar's, she threw a dart at it. Later in the episode, she was talking to Mesmera again. She also started to like Skylar again, after she hired The Human Blade to make smoothies for everybody, but when Alan messed it up she kept hating Skylar, and chased her along with many other heroes and hospital staff. Later when Skylar was about to make everybody really hate her, Alan crushed all the presents and made all the other superheroes and hospital staff continue to hate him. She was also seen doing leg lifts.

Possible Equipment

  • Darts: She may carry darts (though other superheroes also threw darts at Skylar's photo, so they may not be part of her arsenal).


  • Her suit is orange and greenish gray.
  • Despite being called Scarlet Ace, her power color is light green.
  • She is most likely a parody of Marvel's Scarlet Witch.
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