Is it sad that she is my best friend?
Skylar Storm to Kaz about her cardboard cutout double
“So You Think You Can Be a Sidekick”
Season 1, Episode 9
Air Date

February 10, 2014

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Jim Bernstein & Mark Jordan Legan


Sean Lambert

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"So You Think You Can Be a Sidekick" is the 9th episode in Season 1 of Mighty Med. It first aired on February 10, 2014.


Kaz applies to be Tecton’s sidekick, but when Oliver displays an act of heroism, Tecton selects Oliver for the job instead. However, Megahertz goes after Oliver and it's up to Kaz and Skylar to save him. Meanwhile, Alan Diaz and Benny form a superhero team of their own.[1]


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Memorable Quotes

Skylar: I see where you're going with this. We'll bring him Oliver's head as proof!

Oliver: WHAT!?
Skylar: What? It'll grow back!
Oliver: No! No it won't!
Skylar: It won't? You normos are so fragile.

Oliver: I'm sorry, but I've grown rather fond of my head!
Kaz: But if Tecton wasn't going to choose a sidekick, it shouldn't have been me!
Skylar: Dude, let it go!
Megahertz: Who are you?

Alan: I am Magnificent Man!

Benny: And I'm his completely equal, if not slightly superior, partner, What's-His-Face! [Notices looks] The name kind of grew on me.
Oliver: We're better off saving the people who save people instead of saving the people.

Kaz: You should definitely trademark that before someone else does

Benny: Too late! [Shows them the T-shirt]


  •  This is Tecton's second appearance (the last one having been in Saving the People Who Save People).
  • Skylar can regrow a new head if it gets destroyed. She also implies that she still has this ability, even though she lost all her other superpowers. This may be because she remains an alien without powers, and regrowing limbs is an ability designated to her species.
  • Oliver only ends up doing busywork for Tecton, making him want to quit.
    • However, he can't, seeing as he swore an oath.
  • It is revealed that Megahertz's real name is Leslie.
  • Megahertz thinks that Kaz is an odd name, despite the fact that his own real name is Leslie.
  • Alan and Benny successfully defeated Megahertz.
  • At the end of the episode, Alan becomes Tecton's new sidekick.


  • If one looked closely at the scene where Oliver and Megahertz were talking outside the Domain, Oliver's phone was turned off despite him just having been listening to music a few moments beforehand.
  • Just before Skylar and Kaz enter the room where Oliver is imprisoned, there is a cutaway shot of Megahertz recharging and he is still holding Oliver's phone, despite the fact he doesn't have it anymore.


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 The title was a spoof of the Fox5 dance show So you think you could dance?