The Superpower Contamination Serum was invented by The Annihilator, used to control a superhero. When a superhero is affected by the Serum's state, their distinctive features turn white, and whoever uses it on them will have full control. The serum controls the person's superpowers, not their personalities, but the victim under control will feel compelled or obligated to commit evil acts. This means that once a person is in that state, they cannot be broken out of it by invoking their pre-serum memories. For example, Oliver could not break Skylar Storm out of the serum by getting her to remember all the fun they had together. In this regard, Skylar still retained her general personality, but her "human" side could not take over her evilness. However, if a victim has a strong enough personality, they can go rogue and be evil on their own.

Later on, The Annihilator decided to create an army of superheroes under his control, and sent Skylar to contaminate other superpowers and gather more superheroes to turn evil. The only way to disable the serum is to take out the Annihilator and dispel his life force on his victims.

Skylar contaminating powers
Skykar holding the serum
Skylar contaminating tecton
Skylar about to contaminate blue tornado
Skylar using the serum on blue torndo
Skylar about to contaminate neo cortex

Known Victims



  • Skylar Storm is the first to be controlled by the Superpower Contamination Serum.
  • It's not clear if it works on normal humans.
  • Horace, Alan, Solar Flare, Surge, Spotlight, and Optimo are the only known superpowered people who have never been a victim of the serum.
  • The person who was under the Serum does not remember anything in that state, as shown with Tecton. However, Skylar seems to remember what happened while she was in that state, as she did remember almost kissing Oliver.
  • The superpower contamination serum works similarly to the Triton App in Lab Rats, as it controls a person's superpowers much like how the Triton App controls the person's bionics. Just like how victims of the Triton App are distinguished by having green eyes, victims of the serum have white distinguishing features. The only difference is that the Triton App can be broken by invoking the human memories of the one being controlled, as Leo managed to do with Chase, while the superpower contamination cannot be broken by invoking the hero's pre-serum memories.
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