“The Dirt on Kaz & Skylar”
Season 2, Episode 19
Air Date

August 19, 2015

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Amanda Steinhoff & Sarah Jeanne Terry


Linda Mendoza

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The Mother of All Villains

The Dirt on Kaz & Skylar is the 19th episode in Season 2 of Mighty Med. This episode aired on August 19, 2015.


Kaz and Skylar search for the all-powerful Arcturion. Meanwhile, Oliver recruits an unlikely candidate in the form of Megahertz in order to protect him from the minions of Mr. Terror.


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Guest Cast

  • Matthew Jeager as Alien Hologram



  • It was mentioned that Murder Face had invented the villain social media website called "Murder Face Space" and that Megahertz was jealous.
  • This is the second episode where Kaz and Skylar try to solve something together and have their own mission.
  • This is the third episode to have Kaz's name in the title, the others being All That Kaz and Copy Kaz. Plus, this is the first (and only) episode to have Skylar's first name in the title.
  • Bobcat is a brand of construction vehicles, as Gus referred to the skid loader he used as a Bobcat.
  • Megahertz tricked Oliver into thinking that he had turned to the good side.
    • He may have actually wanted to go good, but when he spotted the Arcturion at the end, he automatically went evil again due to the pull of its power.
    • Megahertz got sent back to Mighty Max.
  • Megahertz protected Oliver from Mort despite him still being a villain.
  • In the end of the episode, Gus unknowingly leaves with Kaz's backpack, which holds the Arcturion.
  • Mort has seen Oliver and knows he's Quimby Fletcher. He could tell Mr. Terror, thus informing Bridget that her son is Quimby Fletcher. (That is, IF he has evidence it's Oliver. He hadn't taken a picture, but you never know what other pieces of evidence he may or may not have). For instance, he knows they're looking for the Arcturion, and that they go to Logan High. However, Bridget still would not know, because Mort cannot come to her empty-handed.
  • Alan was absent in this episode.
  • Jake Short said this is his favorite episode.
  • The name "Quimby Fletcher" is a reference to Jake Short's previous role as "Fletcher Quimby" in A.N.T. Farm.
  • During the episode, Gus mentions that the construction hole "Came outta nowhere". This could possibly be a reference to the #RKOOuttaNowhere meme.


  • This is the lowest rated episode of Mighty Med, with an IMDb score of 6.4/10.


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